Olga Sokolik


Secteur: Blog, Communication, Enfants


Olga is originally from Poland, but anyone who meets her would be forgiven for thinking she was born in Geneva, given her extensive knowledge and passion for the Swiss city and its surrounding areas. Mother to six-year-old Zofia, Olga and her now husband Piotr moved to Geneva in 2007, just after graduating from the Law Department on Warsaw University.

Integration is important to the pair, so they set about to understand Geneva’s culture and history, as well as exploring local restaurants and businesses to get to know the area they now called home.

In 2012, Olga became a mother, and as any parent knows only too well, her and Piotr’s lives changed forever. As she met other new parents in Geneva, she realized that she had retained a lot of useful information about having a baby in Geneva - and loved being able to share it. Whether it was how to find a midwife or the process for getting a space in crèche, where to get breastfeeding support or how to find a reputable nanny, Olga felt happy sharing her knowledge to make someone’s life a little bit easier. As more and more of her friends (and even some strangers!) approached her for advice, she started to keep track of all the questions and created blog posts to share the answers.

As fate would have it, she became friends with another new mother who had just started an online community to support ex-pat parents and caregivers in Geneva. Together the pair formed a Facebook group that is now home to over 11,000 expat and local parents looking to sell or buy items for children, ask questions or share advice for families in Geneva and the surrounding area.

The same friend introduced her to another mother who had an idea for a website that listed all the family-friendly places and activities in Geneva. A fourth friend joined the team, and soon the four women were meeting regularly. The plan was to expand upon each other’s ideas and launch a trip-advisor style business called Babyville – a place to find what you need and share what you know.

Many meetings ensued, complete with breastfeeding babies in one arm, laptops in the other. Things came to a halt as one of the four moved abroad, and another became pregnant. When the third got a busy job, Babyville was left alone with Olga, who, with the blessing of the three other members, took the original ideas and brought them to life in the form of Parentville.


Parentville has one primary purpose; to support, inspire and enhance the lives of parents and caregivers in the Geneva area. Through Parentville, Olga shares advice and ideas through her blog and social media posts. She has written many guides, including her famed ‘Staycation Guide’, which includes details of a new activity every day of the (dauntingly long) summer vacation in Geneva. She has ideas for rainy days in the city, what to do with kids on a Sunday, where to go sledging, and much more.

In 2018, Olga released her first book, "ABC Geneva", a bilingual (French and English) kid-friendly guide to Geneva. ABC Geneva takes children on a tour of Geneva’s culture and history using the letters of the alphabet along each step of the way. Once you reach the end, just flip the book over to discover Geneva in French. The book has been designed for even the youngest of ears to understand, while even adults are sure to learn something new about the city.

Parentville is a go-to for anyone with a child who is living or staying in the canton of Geneva. The website is made out of bog section, events calendar, and soon-to-be-launched directory. If it’s Parentville approved, you can rest assured it meets the needs of any busy family looking to enjoy what Geneva has to offer.