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Born and raised in Swizerland by a very french mum and very Australian dad. Both my parents are creative entrepreneurs, so just like them, I knew since I was 14 that one day, I would be in my own boss. Like a lot of creative people with A.D.D and big dreams, you get into life and think you know it all before reality hits.

So here I am, 17 years old moving to Australia on my own to figure out what I wanna do with this thing called “Life” . Little then I knew living the Beach bum life in Byron Bay, working as a promo girl for clubs, juice bars and redbull had already open my career as a PR without really knowning it. I have always been passionate about meeting new people, introducing people and writing. After this experience I went to Sydney where I graduated from Uni with a Entertainment Management degree, I was interning from PR agencies, celebrity management agencies, MTV offices to taking acting class as my dream is to be a TV presenter.

I then got hired by Disney USA to follow the “american dream” (so cliché) where I discovered that, behind the all this glam & glitz, I wasn’t ready to have agents tell me what to do, where to do it or how to do it. So then I hopped on a plane to have a second shot at the American Dream 2.0. , and wow what a experience, living in manhattan, working in bars, lived off one minute noodles, cheap cigarettes and walking kilometers everyday because I didn’t want to spend my pennies in the subway, hanging out with musicians, artists and working as a volunteer for NYFW. LOL.

Got through 5 auditions for MTV TRL show before the HR told me I couldn’t get the gig because of visa purpose. Yeah, 2009 was the worst year to be in the states as the crisis just started and nobody was sponsoring visa. So just like a monopoly game, here I am back to square one: Where should I go, What should I do. Fast forward a few years between Australia, Dubai, Europe … like all late bloomers I decided to move back to Geneva where I am originally from and give this boring city and 2nd chance. And trust me it was the best decision I made !

Got this amazing job as a PR for Bucherer that I kept for 5 years, before my fabulous director (ultimate #girlboss) told me : “Kelly, you are so creative and full of energy, you should open your company and reach for the stars”. A few weeks later coming back from holidays in Australia, I finally had the guts to write up a letter and leave the company and the people I loved to start my journey.

So here I am now. Nomad in Chief of Creative Nomad Agency, Co Founder of TheSeen (coming soon)

Creative Nomad

Nomad in Chief?
Creative Nomad is my PR agency where I offer tailored PR, event management and digital marketing services. We work with freelances from different industries to make sure that every client has the best people working on their projects.

I decided to name my agency after my personality. Creativity and Freedom are probably the 2 words that describes me best.

I am lucky to have great clients with special product or services that I absolutely adore. I genuinely think the secret to a great campaigns is that your public relations or agency really believes and love your product / services. In the industry, we hussle everyday for press coverage, influencers marketing, product placement so we better be passionate about the brand.