Inga Fira

Home in Balance - Home Organiser

Secteur(s) d'activité: Habitat, Immobilier


Organizing has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I have always been good at keeping things tidy and neat. When I was a little girl whenever I visited my cousin I would start throwing all her clothes in the middle of the room making one big pile, then I organized them and folded them again.

She was always surprised as to why I preferred organizing her closet to watching cartons or playing dolls!

My Mom still reminds me, when I was at primary school, everyday I would fill the whole bin with paper rubbish. She couldn’t understand how I could have so many unnecessary papers every day. For me the answer was easy- I wanted to have all school documents well organized in order to be well prepared for learning.

I finished my Master’s degree in International Relations. I worked as a Development Manager, but still I was looking for an answer to the question – What do I really want to do in my life? I spent a few weeks analysing what I like to do, what I don’t, searching the Internet in order to discover that I want to improve people's lives through being a professional organizer.

Home in Balance - Home Organiser

Home in Balance was founded to help you reduce chaos at your home, office and everyday life.

Because each project is unique and each client is different, I always try to adapt the method to the client, not the client to the method.

What services do I offer?
- If you feel overwhelmed by clutter, excess items, and mess; I offer de-cluttering,
reclaiming functionality of your closet, kitchen, basement, etc.
- If you are in a new stage of your life (new born, divorce, loss of relative,...), I will help
you adapt your space to the new life situation by sorting out things and getting rid of
objects that you no longer need.
- If you will be moving in or out soon, I can help you with packing and unpacking your
things. In order for you to be focused on settling in a new place, I will take care of
organizing everything in a creative way.
- If you want to sell or rent your place, I offer a home staging service. Which will make
your property ready for viewing.