Francesca et Carola

PAMÉ - Shapes of Flowers

Secteur(s) d'activité: Art, Artisanat, Design, Evènementiel


PAMÉ - Shapes of Flowers

Have you ever received a bunch of flowers and felt truly excited and happy? Do you feel delightedspecial and incredibly grateful tooWellwe definitely doWe believe in the power of flowerstheir unique beauty, perfect shapes and amazing  colours. 

We spend most of our lives at home and at the office, far from the beauty of nature. It has been proven that flowers increase our happiness, our creativity and make us feeling better. So let’s get those flowers into our home quick! 

We want to propose a unique, different and very easy service of flower delivery. We dream Geneva houses full of flowers! 

Our project is connected with flowers in many ways: we want to deliver flowers to your door, personalize with a unique touch your D-day, organize workshops to create together unique floral compositions, and be there with our flowers anytime you would love to. 

There is no limit to flower exploration, stay tuned and join us in this floral journey!