Coline Zeballos

Bamboo Tec - A data analytics company

Secteur(s) d'activité: Consultance, Services


Co-founder and Business Development Manager @Bamboo Tec (see below)My name is Coline, I am Swiss and French. I lived in Switzerland (3 years) - France (5 years) - USA (3 years) - France (8 years) - Switzerland (8 years until now).I studied Business @ HEC Lausanne, and worked in two multinationals in Nyon and Zurich. I realized the lack of people in companies with knowledge both in business/strategy and in handling big amounts of data. I had the first skills but only part of the second. Therefore I learned Python and became co-founder of a data analytics company based in Bolivia (South America) and now opening in Switzerland.I am passionate in making the link between business needs and data for small and medium companies. I lead a team of multidisciplinary young but experienced professionals in the field of data.Apart from data, I cultivate another passion... Since a young age, I love to sing! I learned and practiced the classical techniques of singing at the Conservatory of Lausanne. I stopped recently because of my various travels but I continue individually!Finally, I value and admire people who choose to live their life their own way, who dare to put aside the pressure of a social environment, who dare to step out of a professional or personal situation they don't want anymore. I have myself been through some difficult times where I had to assume my opinions and life orientation! I don't regret anything...

Bamboo Tec - A data analytics company

--We help your company gain visibility with your data !--

Bamboo Tec, a startup based in Bolivia and developing in Switzerland, empowers small and medium companies with data analytics techniques to improve management decision making.

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